Use fabrics with either an Anti-microbial finish or yarn feature to create a high performance sports garment

Care Instructions :

Put detailed care instructions on your garment to minimize returns

Chlorine degradation:

Ensure you rinse your garment in cold water after use in the pool to create a longer lasting garment.

Chlorine Proof:

Use fabric with no Elastane to ensure a chlorine proof garment. PBT is best as it gives you a great stretch and retention.

Circular Knit:

Use fine gauge circular knit fabrics for high end fashion swimwear. They feel sensational and create a great drape.

Circular Knit :

Use fine gauge circular knit fabrics to create high end fashion swimwear. They feel sensational and create a fantastic drape.


Keep an eye on the colorfastness chart provided by your supplier to make an informed choice.


Fabric with a high LYCRA® content for muscle compression, thereby cutting lactic acid production to give a better performance

Digital Printing:

Provide PSD files at a resolution of 300 DPI to ensure a high quality outcome


Use holographic fabrics for extreme impact on stage.


Educate your clubs about avoiding rubbing against the pool edge to minimize pilling thereby creating a longer lasting garment


Use Purity to machine and hand wash your delicate fabrics including holograms as it is not as harsh as your standard detergents

Screen printing:

Best to use AI vector files to ensure a nice crisp printed edge.


The woven edge portion of a fabric parallel to the warp


Splice your garment with Polyester to assist with bleeding problems when using colours with a low colorfastness value.

Sublimation Printing:

Use heat strips to check your sublimation machine regularly to ensure the temperature displaying is correct.


Bases can react differently. Ensure you test each fabric as a variation may occur due to machine settings and paper variation

Technical face:

The true face of a knitted fabric. The back can also be used as the face depending on the knit construction.


Whites used in garments may be transparent when wet. Double line the garment or use fabric with ceramic core technology

UPF 50+:

Ask your supplier if your fabric selection is UPF 50+, or you can get them independently tested.

Warp Knit:

Use warp knit fabrics for a more robust garment