Are you looking at designing your own unique sublimation prints this year?  Well you have come to the right place...

Sublimation print technology is readily available locally with low minimums, has great print definition, and is convenient for a lot of our customers across all markets, especially Active sports and Swimwear.

We stock an extensive range of polyester bases to ensure we cater for all of our customer’s different end uses.  Our new sublimation card now boasts 18 high quality polyester bases, 7 of which are new.

Even though all of these fabrics are polyester based, each one is unique in regards to its knit construction, yarn performance, and fabric behavior in general.   They are designed specifically for its targeted end use, are of the highest quality standard, and all of them create an outstanding dynamic, crisp, clean printed finish with no yellowing and minimal shrinkage.

Subli-Cool 2.0 Cooling Polyester: 

Subli-Cool Polyester is a warp knit fabric with performance features that are perfect for the serious athlete. Providing superior performance properties, Subli-Cool is sweat absorbing, quick drying, plus cool and comfortable to wear due to its advanced technology yarn construction.  With an exceptional weight and handle, Subli-Cool also gives you deep and vivid colours when sublimating, which is essential for the sports wear industry.

Subli-Power Polyester LYCRA®:

Subli-Power Polyester is a powerful yet light weight warp knit fabric with a high LYCRA® content, designed specifically to assist in compression and muscle oscillation when used in a sportswear garment.  Due to the fabrics tight knit construction, Subli-Power is also non-curling, which gives you the opportunity to create raw edge garments.  The fabrics flat surface is the perfect platform to apply your own sublimation print, creating a crisp, clean finish.

Subli-Swift Quick Drying Polyester:

Subli-swift is a naturally quick drying light weight stretch woven Polyester, designed specifically for the application of run shorts, board shorts, or any garment that could benefit from the unique characteristics this fabric offers. The polyester content combined with the tight woven construction creates an outstanding crisp printed finish.  Due to the fabrics performance features of quick drying, and light weight construction, Subli-swift is the perfect lightweight  sublimation base for the sportswear industry.

Elite Double Faced Polyester XTRA LIFE LYCRA®:

Designed for enhancing the effect of sublimation printing, Elite is an advanced double faced fabric, which allows for printing to be applied to both sides, giving you a new realm of garment design opportunities to explore. The fabric features also include being extra-white and super-matt, is the high performance techno-fabric for extreme sports. Certified XTRA LIFE LYCRA® features outstanding power and is resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oils, pilling and abrasions and it maintains its stretch even after the printing process.

Subli-Air 2.0 Cooling Polyester

Subli-Air 2.0 cooling and wicking Polyester sports eyelet withstands high temperatures of sublimation printing, whilst still holding its body and shape creating an outstanding crisp printed finish.  Due to the cooling and wicking Polyester content, Subli-Air 2.0 not only has an effective quick drying and cooling performance feature.  It is also hard wearing, pilling resistant and easy care, which is an essential requirement for the sportswear industry.

Subli-Sheer Polyester LYCRA®

Ultra-light, feather-like and delicately soft, Subli-Sheer is the perfect sublimation base for fashion swimwear cover-ups and sheer inserts, plus fine enough to use and create interesting design detailing without bulking up your garment.  The uniqueness of Subli-Sheer is the combination of its light weight delicate appearance, and its high LYCRA® content, giving you great performance features, whilst still looking fashionable.

Zeus Polyester LYCRA®

Jersey Lomellina’s Zeus polyester fabric is ideal for sublimation printing. It is ultra-light, breathable, and it is fast drying and highly UV protective  (UPF 50+). Its excellent power and the correct muscular compression offered makes it the perfect partner for the production of techno-garments for high performance underwear.

Our product development team are continuously monitoring industry developments in the international market, to provide our customers with the latest textile and yarn trends, including innovative fabrics.  Eclipse Textiles ensure key staff are on the ground at the most prestigious trade fairs, either researching new product trends.

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