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Where a range of advanced yarn, knitting technology and sustainability come together giving you a high quality stretch blank canvas to create your own dynamic and crisp sublimation print.

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Even though all of our sublimation fabrics are polyester based, each one is unique in regards to its knit construction, yarn performance and fabric behavior in general. They are designed specifically for their targeted end use, are of the highest quality standard and all of them create an outstanding dynamic, crisp, clean printed finish with no yellowing and minimal shrinkage.  


Soft and comfortable is the feeling of Oasis.  This double sueded Polyester envelops the skin, giving you the feeling of a natural fibre such as Cotton plus the added performance benefits that a Polyester yarn naturally gives.  Even though the surface effect is slightly brushed, the soft finish still gives a clean and crisp printed effect.  Combined with the natural benefits of a quick drying and durable Polyester, it is also complemented with an Anti-bacterial finish, keeping your garment fresh during and after your workout by eliminating odour and inhibiting bacterial growth.

The Eclipse Subli-Sheen sublimation base has been created specifically to give you a unique, crisp and lustrous canvas to enhance your next sublimation print. Thanks to its unique shape, the high quality trilobal sectioned yarn reflects an eye-catching yet subtle elegant shimmer, coming to life under stage lights. In conjunction with the extra weight, it also gives you great support and coverage along with freedom of movement.  So you can focus entirely on your next performance, our Subli-Sheen also has quick drying properties and the benefits of maximum durability that Polyester naturally gives. 

  • Recycled Subli-Swift (coming soon)

Recycled Subli-Swift is a naturally quick drying light weight stretch woven Polyester, designed specifically for the application of run shorts, board shorts or any garment that could benefit from the unique characteristics this fabric offers. The polyester content combined with the tight woven construction creates an outstanding crisp printed finish.  Due to the fabrics performance features of quick drying and light weight construction, Subli-Swift is the perfect lightweight sublimation base for the sportswear industry.


Subli-Cool 2.0 Polyester is a warp knit fabric with performance features that are perfect for the serious athlete. Providing superior performance properties, Subli-Cool is sweat absorbing, quick drying, plus cool and comfortable to wear due to its advanced technology yarn construction.  With an exceptional weight and handle, Subli-Cool also gives you deep and vivid colours when sublimating, which is essential for the sports wear industry. Also available in a range of colours.

Subli-Sport Polyester is a warp knit non-transparent fabric containing ceramic core technology.  The Polyester yarn contains ceramic within the central core of its filaments.  This technology prevents the “see-through” effect, in turn creating a UV blocking fabric.  Due to the yarn construction, it also creates a cooling effect by reflecting the heat rays, thus keeping the wearer cool and refreshed. Subli-Sport is the perfect solution for sublimation printing when working with large white areas due to the non-transparent effect it creates.

A traditional stretch solid Polyester Velvet, providing a high quality traditional fabric for gymnastics and leisure wear. Ideal for swimwear, dance costumes or lifestyle garments designed for comfort  and style due to its exceptional softness, total comfort and high quality velvet pile. A range of colours also available.

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