Eclipse Textiles are excited to announce a number of great new on-trend fabrics and services for our swimwwear customers this season:

  • 17/18 Swimwear E-catalogue with our complete swimwear fabric range

  • FREE cutting edge Print Artwork Library additions

  • New Advanced Recycled VITA Xtra Life LYCRA® on trend stock colour range

  • New Chlorine Proof Aqualife stock line colours

  • New Classic Matt colour card

  • New swingtag range


Download your free copy our our complete 17/18 swimwear fabrics catalogue today.  Complete with handy links to our website for more information, the perfect tool to have on hand when designing your range for the new season:


Combining the latest print technology, high quality inks and exceptional service, Eclipse Textiles can supply your own custom print this swimwear season.  Simply provide your own design or choose from our extensive library of print artwork that is FREE for you to use.

Crafted Minimalist: 

In a time of de-globalization where many countries are turning away from the world as feelings of fear and uncertainty prevail, we are starting to look within our home ground for comfort and to re-establish our local connects at heart.

Focusing on influences that are familiar, comforting and that connect us as one, Crafted Minimalist gives us a theme this season that is anchored by an underlying simplicity with a touch of country style prettiness.

Colours are rich and luxurious, complemented by warm earthy undertones that give us a muted pallet of burnt clay, sprinkled with wild aubergine and offset by leafy and aquatic muted hues.

Florals are key with vintage inspired patterns, laces gives us a new pretty that is modernized by becoming more structured and traditional hand tooled techniques give a sense of time worn surfaces and authentic craft.

Hyperreal Structure:

In a time of constant change with an influx of social media influences, we are starting to disconnect from self obsessive traits and re-focus by looking deeper within.  By learning to accept and embrace imperfections we are taking a much healthier approach. The physical beauty as we know it is changing and we are re-focusing on the beauty of mental and spiritual health. 

Colours are alive this season in both soothing and energizing pallets created intentionally to ignite our senses. Buttermilk, delicate peach and misty mauve are light and almost luminous on the calmer spectrum, whilst saturated chroma colours create a dynamic contrast and energize.

New designs are explored with a focus on stimulating the senses.  Floral's have a hyperreal quality with 3 dimensional effects, geometric patterns are modernized and influenced by cellular structures, whilst chroma colours are explored in combinations based on thier ability to alter moods.

Organized Chaos:

It is time to push the boundaries of balance and disrupt the systems that have defined our world as we know it. The need for truth and transparency intensifies which takes self expression to new realms of creativity in a world where people want to be heard and make an impact.

Colours are either bold enough on their own or combined to make powerful statements.  Riot red and punchy yellows that sit alongside military undertones are key, clashed with murky greys and stone take influence from the street.

Play will add meaning to patterns while designers explore discomfort zones that are essential for creativity.  Experiment with mix and match motifs in unexpected combinations that tip the balance of design, taking you into a new realm of individualized expression.  

Choose from our diverse range of sublimation bases depending on your garment needs.  From performance yarns to luxurious fabrics, our range of stock line Polyesters cater for all markets


Our new season swimwear fabric range caters for all types of markets, from Performance and Technology to Complementing fabrics, there is something unique for everyone!

Performance and Technology:

Where performance and technology merge together, creating the finest high quality innovative stretch fabrics available for fashion and performance swimwear.

Chlorine Resistance:

Where yarn and knitting technology merge together, creating a range of high quality chlorine resistant stretch fabrics for the serious swimwear. 

Polyester Sublimation Bases:

Where a range of fabrics come together giving you a blank canvas to create your own outstanding
dynamic, crisp, clean sublimated printed finish with no yellowing and minimal shrinkage.

Custom Print Service and Stock Prints:  

Where creativity meets reality, when your own unique designs become one with your
selection of one of our high quality stretch swimwear fabrics.

Complimenting Fabrics:  

Where the final touches are found to complete your new season look.

2018 Advanced Recycled VITA Nylon Xtra Life LYCRA®:

Advanced recycled Carvico techno-fabric made with ECONYL® 
is 100% regenerated nylon from pre and post consumer waste
such as fishnets and other end of life nylon materials. 
With the latest yarn and knitting technologies, this fabric is
20% flatter than your classic Matt Nylon Xtra Life LYCRA®, and
still retains the same classic power and coverage.   


  • Recycled

  • Smooth and soft

  • 20% flatter

  • Extra strength

  • Shape retention

  • UPF 50+ sun protection

2018/19 Chlorine Proof Aqualife:

Aqualife is the next generation of advanced chlorine proof fabrics.
Designed and engineered specifically to withstand the harsh
effects of exposure to chlorinated water, without sacrificing 
swimsuit comfort and stretch properties which are vital elements
to the performance of the serious swimmer.
  • Chlorine proof

  • UPF 50+ sun protection

  • Superior fit

  • Faster drying

  • Maximum Durability

  • Suitable for sublimation

New Classic Matt Xtra Life LYCRA®:

Classic Matt Xtra Life LYCRA®, the perfect balance between lightness
and elasticity. Classic Matt fabric has been awarded the prestigious
Xtra Life LYCRA® certificate thanks to its 
unprecedented array of
outstanding features. It is chlorine and abrasion resistant, UPF 50+
and remains unaltered over time.
  • Classic matt apperance

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Great fit and comfort

  • UPF 50+ sun protection

  • Maximum Durability

  • Shape retention


We are also excited to announce that we have officially launched our brand new swing tag range!

Our new range includes a number of tags that match back to many of our specialized products.  This range is simplified and modern to match the current brand standards of the developing textile and garment world, with the information targeted to what your end consumer is looking for in a quality garment.

                FRONT                 BACK                   FRONT                 BACK                  FRONT                 BACK

Be inspired and download our 17/18 Swimwear E-catalogue today!

And don't forget, stretch your imagination...

Kind Regards
Eclipse Textiles