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NEW! Empower SUPPLEX® LYCRA® range bluesign® approved

Our SUPPLEX® LYCRA® quality that you are all familiar with has just finished undergoing an exciting new re-vamp!

  • Heavier in weight
  • Great 4 way stretch
  • Fashionable colours
  • Activa sublimation base
  • bluesign® approved

Our new and improved Eclipse Empower SUPPLEX® LYCRA® range has now increased in weight from 240gsm to 260gsm. The additional weight was added specifically to give our product a boost in quality in conjunction with a beautiful 4 way stretch.  Bringing the Eclipse Empower SUPPLEX® LYCRA® range to the forefront as the best industry choice.

Our colour range has also been updated boasting a pallet of Athfashion on trend colours including a range of coordinating deep sophisticated tones in our Heavy Weight 280gsm quality that we have never had before!  Giving you freedom of creativity and expression, our Heavy Weight colour range gives you more of a fashionable palette to choose from for those areas that require that extra support and fabric coverage.

In addition, the dyes used to create our new Empower SUPPLEX® LYCRA® colour range are bluesign® approved and the fabric itself is OekoTex® 100 Certified.  Giving you a product that is not only fashionable and high quality but at the forefront of an environmentally conscious manufacturing process.

What is bluesign®?

The independent bluesign® system pursues the unique approach to minimize the environmental impact throughout the production process.  To you as a consumer the bluesign® system focus guarantees the application of sustainable ingredients in a clean process at which end stands a safely manufactured product. As a result, the textile industry manages the natural resources soundly and responsibly, reduces water and  air emissions, improves its waste water treatment and generally reduces its ecological footprint.  With this holistic approach, the bluesign® system unites all partners of the textile industry in order to realize an environmentally friendly, sustainable textile production worldwide.

ACTIVA LYCRA® 280gsm Polyester Sublimation Base

Have you ever wanted to add your own unique print to your active wear range?  Our Activa LYCRA® sublimation base is the perfect complementing fabric to use with our Empower SUPPLEX® LYCRA® range.  

It is quite simply an air jet textured polyester version of our 280gsm Heavy Weight SUPPLEX® LYCRA®.  Giving you the opportunity to add your personal touch by panelling your garment design with either your own unique print or one of our FREE prints available for you to use from our on-trend artwork library that is prepared ready to go.

Plus more...


Subli-Cool 3D surface technology gives you a completely different dimension by taking our popular Subli-Cool 2.0 base to the next level. This unique 3D surface effect creates a sporty yet fashionable finish to make your garment truly unique.   Whilst still providing the superior performance properties of the Subli-Cool 2.0 yarn technology, you can not only feel confident, but also look fantastic.  Combine with our Subli-cool 2.0 Black as a feature or use as a statement piece on its own. 

Our 3D surface technology designs will only be available for a limited time only.  Once these designs are sold out, they will be replaced with a new and exciting design picked from our extensive library of fashionable and active inspired patterns, allowing us to bring an impressive variety into our range and giving you the opportunity to create something truly unique each time.  You can also select your own 3D custom design from our library for your very own custom batch.  Once your order is confirmed, your selected design will then be removed and become unavailable to our customer base for a 12 month period.  Contact us today to find out more!


Our Subli-Cool 2.0 range has now become the centre of attention.  With its deep sophisticated colour additions, this performance fabric not only performs at a high standard but looks sleek and refined.

The Subli-Cool 2.0 performance features are perfect for that serious athlete who wants to look good in and out of the gym.  Providing superior properties, Subli-Cool 2.0 is sweat absorbing, quick drying, plus cool and comfortable to wear due to its advanced yarn construction.  With a powerful support due to the high elastane content and extra fabric weight, it will give you the confidence you need during your next workout.

Our Subli-Cool 2.0 can also be used as a sublimation base, once again, giving you the opportunity to add your personal touch by panelling your garment design with either your own unique print or one of our FREE prints available for you to use from our on-trend artwork library that is prepared ready to go.

SPORTS LUXE:  Stretch Velvet and De-Luxe Foiled Stretch Velvet

Opulent stretch velvets are becoming strong in the Sports Luxe sector, creating a casual yet sophisticated style.  The traditional cropped pile surface plays on the texture and sensory trend.  Its exceptional softness, total comfort and high quality velvet pile will bring your garment to the forefront of the Sports Luxe choice.  Our Stretch Velvet stock range gives you an array of colours from luxury to classic pallets to work with.  

Also suitable for sublimation printing.

Our De-Luxe Foiled Stretch Velvet range is also the perfect choice to compliment any Sports Luxe garment.  Due to the foil application, it takes it to the next level of sophistication.  It is however not recommended to use as a performance fabric in an intense workout as it can be susceptible to perspiration and rubbing, however it is the perfect fabric to use in that favorite piece to wear too and from your workout to complete your look.


Advanced Recycled Vita Power is a brand new heavy weight version of our standard Advanced Recycled Vita quality. Created specifically with a heavier weight in mind, this extra feature gives you support and fabric coverage in areas that need it most. A great fabric choice for Active sports garments that are designed to shape, support and enhance the silhouette.  Made from the same Econyl® recycled Nylon fibre, this component puts this basecloth at the forefront of a sustainable and high performance fabric choice. Also, with the benefits of INVISTA® LYCRA® fiber, it holds shape and  retention, which is an essential requirement for the sports industry.


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