Eclipsepaque Polyester LYCRA® is the ultimate choice for a white fabric application due to its non-transparent features. Transparency is a common issue in white fabrics and most times, the fabric needs to be double lined.  The Polyester yarn contains ceramic within the central core of its filaments preventing the “see-through” effect and in turn creating a full bodied UV blocking fabric with a powdery feel, great coverage and heavy drape.

Also, with the added benefits of Invista’s LYCRA® product, it holds shape and retention which is an essential requirement for any stretch fabric garment construction.

  • See-through prevention
  • ​UV blocking
  • Cooling effect
  • Powdery feel
  • Graceful drape
  • Great fit and comfort
  • Strong knit structure
  • Sublimation print base
  • Branded LYCRA®

Composition: 90% Polyester, 10% LYCRA®
Weight: 250gsm +/- 5%
Width: 145cm +/- 2%








In addition to the see through prevention feature, Eclipsepaque unique ceramic core also give a natural cooling effect due to being able to block the suns rays.  The perfect choice for the Active sports White trend currently hot in the market.


Pure, graceful, angelic and supportive, Eclipsepaques extra weight will give you great support and coverage during your next performance.  With the confidence of a non-transparent garment, you can and will own center stage.


Create that classic style of a Black and White spliced design with peace of mind that colourfastness wont be an issue.  Eclipsepaque is a Polyester yarn therefore when spliced back with Black Nylon, it is the perfect combination to avoid potential colour migration issues.


The Eclipsepaque yarn and fabric knit construction gives you a high end fabric feel with a powdery handle and a full bodied elegant drape. The beautiful stretch creates a look of its own as it hugs the body and naturally falls into place.


The crisp white colour Eclipsepaque gives due to the ceramic core technology is the perfect choice when needing a nice clean white to create your blank canvas.  Weddings, chair covers or your next theming construction, Eclipsepaque is the perfect choice to base your next master piece around.



































































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