New Limited Offer Dancewear Fabrics Out Now

New Limited Offer Dancewear Fabrics Out Now!

Our New Limited Offer fabric range combines unique colour combinations with creative high quality specialty finishes for an outstanding dance costume that will stand out from the rest.

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Subi-Cool 2.0 Product Presentation


Yarn Design:

  • This unique cross section polyester yarn resembles a four-leaf clover.
  • The channels created enhance its ability to absorb and evaporate perspiration and release odours.


Yarn Features and Benefits:

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New Limited Offer Dance Fabrics In Stock Now

Whos ready for a new Dance season?  

Be inspired today by our high quality on trend Limited Offer ranges in stock now!  

Our unique range of Limited Offers are designed to make sure you stand out from the rest in your next extravagent performance

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New Sublimation Base Card

New 2019 Sublimation Base Card:

Where a range of advanced yarn, knitting technology and sustainability come together giving you a high quality stretch blank canvas to create your own dynamic and crisp sublimation print.

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