More Of Our Famous Limited Offers!

Welcome to the launch of our first limited offer release for the new year.  Everyone should be back in full swing by now, creating and dancing the days away...

As promised, Eclipse will be releasing more limited offers this year due to popular demand, giving our customers a variety of new designs to work with all year round.

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Performance Swimwear Trends

Eclipse Textiles have just launched another Digital Print range, available on our high performance chlorine proof basecloth, Aqualife, creating a convenient stock service range with workable minimums.

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Spring Summer 2013 Digital Print Range

Due to evolving textile printing technology, Eclipse Textiles has now become the leaders in LYCRA® with a digital print stock service which is very exciting!

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End Of Year Limited Offers

Well its that time of year again where we have our Limited Offer range release for the dance industry end of year concerts.  I can't believe how quick this year has gone?  I am sure you are all busy with the dance schools organizing your costumes!

Below is a brief video clip and images of our new designs that you may want to throw into the mix of your crazy creations.  As usual, we always tweak our designs or start from scratch to ensure our customers have unique designs to work with.

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New Limited Offer Preview

We are very excited about a fantastic new Limited Offer range which we have just launched for our manufacturers and stockists!  There is a selection of different fabrics specifically designed to create that impact needed for a theatrical stage performance.  Of course, our Fashion and Intimate Apparel clients also have a bit of fun with our Limited Offer ranges, so make sure you check

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LYCRA®: What is it exactly, how does it work, and what Elastane technology is available?

Considering we are the leaders in LYCRA®, we thought it would be appropriate to blog about Elastane, what it does for your garment, and what Elastane technology is available.

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The Strong Australian Dollar: Friend or Foe?

We were asked recently by Ragtrader Magazine how the strong Australian dollar is affecting us as a supplier.  Tim Hennessy, the director of Eclipse Textiles, has contributed his thoughts below.

How is this affecting you?  Do you agree with Tim's thoughts?  We are interested to hear your comments.

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Welcome to the launch of the Eclipse Textiles social media platform.

As we all know, the industry doesn’t sleep and we need everything yesterday...

To make things easier for you, we have created a social network platform that will keep you in the loop with what’s going on, and be a valuable use of the time you have allocated towards keeping up with industry trends and news.

Our informative and interactive blog will not only keep you in touch with what is happening in the industry, but, will also give you the opportunity to comment and contribute.

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