Sports Fabric Breathable Combed Cotton LYCRA®

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Sports Fabric Breathable Combed Cotton LYCRA®


Premium quality Combed Cotton LYCRA® stocked a 220gsm weight, available in solid colours. Eclipse’s Cotton offers extra softness and strength plus, with the benefits of Invista's LYCRA® product, it holds shape and retention. Commonly used in dancewear and active sportswear. Also used in fashion and intimate apparel.   TECH DATA SHEET

92% Combed Cotton, 8% LYCRA®
220gsm +/- 5%
150cm +/- 5%
Roll size: 
60m approx
Minimum order quantity: 
Important information: 

Relaxation of up to 5% is to be expected on all Elastane-based fabrics and is not claimable on Eclipse Textiles. 5% relaxation allowance should be calculated into stock requirement figures. Please pay special attention to the fastness values declared in the chart on the colour card. Combination of colours is not recommended when the fastness values of washing, water and sea water are lower than 4/5.

Custom batch information: 

Custom batches available.

Contact us for further details
Sample card information:

Sample cards are available upon request.
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Suggested applications: 

Active sports / yoga garments
Dance leotards
Gymnastic leotards
Fashion garments
Intimate apparel garments

Sports Fabric Breathable Combed Cotton LYCRA®


Premium Quality Combed Cotton Lycra®, For A Luxurious Sophisticated Performance


Our premium Combed Cotton LYCRA® range boasts an array of fresh rainbow colours, forecasted and researched to suit the Australian dancewear, active sports, lifestyle and fashion markets.


Cotton, being a natural cellulose fibre, is perfect for the Australian market with our hot climate and outdoor lifestyles.  Eclipse’s cotton has the added benefit of also being combed, which gives our fabric a premium finish.  This process involves taking out the shortest additional fibres of a batch, resulting in a high-quality fabric with excellent strength and softness.  Also, with the benefits of Invista’s LYCRA®  product,  it holds shape and retention which is an essential requirement for our active Australian lifestyle.


// Premium quality
// Extra softness
// Extra strength
// Breathable
// Moisture absorbent
// Natural product
// Durable
// Great fit and comfort
// Branded LYCRA®

Sports Fabric Breathable Combed Cotton LYCRA®


The Secret Behind A Long Lasting Garment

// Cold hand wash or gentle machine wash with mild detergent.

// Do not soak.

// Do not bleach.

// Do not spin dry.

// Do not dry clean.

// Do not iron.

// Do not tumble dry.

// Line dry out of direct sunlight.

// Avoid any rough surfaces such as pool edges, dancefloors or rough ground in general.

// Do not pack or store when wet.

// Remove any excess water and dry without delay.

// Separate light colours from dark before washing.

// Avoid excess contact with suntan lotions and harsh chemicals sometimes found in saunas, spas and pools.

// Avoid excess contact with harsh chemicals such as deodorants, make-up or perfume.

// White and pastel colours, and light weight garments may appear transparent when wet.

// Although the best possible dyes are selected worldwide, the fastness of some shades must be treated with caution. Particular care should be taken with contrasting colours in the one garment.

Sports Fabric Breathable Combed Cotton LYCRA®

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Combed Cotton LYCRA© Swingtag - Active Sports, Fashion, Dancewear, Intimate Apparel
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LYCRA© Swingtag - Active Sports, Fashion, Dancewear, Intimate Apparel