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Supplex is a Nylon fabric. The natural feel of Cotton is achieved by jet air texturising the yarn.
Continuous filament yarns are texturised by overfeeding into a high-pressure jet of air, to create a looped and more natural appearance yarn. The filaments become entangled and form a yarn with high bulk and a soft surface.

Both fabrics can be screen printed under the proviso no softner has been applied to the fabric. The base cloth you would have to request for screen printing would be a white prepared for printing. It would be recommended doing a sample length to test first, before proceeding with any bulk printing production. 

As a wholesaler Eclipse Textiles does not have a showroom to display fabrics. If you wish to see our range please contact your customer service representative to book an appointment.

Information about each fabrics application options can be found on the Product Details page.

Please see the Swing Tag section on this website, which shows you the different combination options for each fabric available.

Fabrics rated UPF 50+ guarantee the maximum possible protection against UV rays. They are rated UPF 50+ by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency - a Federal Government Agency).

All types of Elastane will eventually breakdown when exposed to chlorinated water. Therefore using a higher quality of Elastane will prolong the lifespan of your garment. For fashion swimwear it is recommended to use 384 Matt or 544 Bright Nylon LYCRA® as they contain LYCRA® Prime, which is 4 ½ times more Chlorine resistant than normal Elastane. For competition swimwear fabrics containing Xtra life LYCRA® provide a considerable resistance to attacks by active Chlorine.

A Chlorine proof fabric such as Aqualife is suitable for Club swimwear or any garment which is exposed to high levels of Chlorine as there is no LYCRA® content to breakdown.

Although all of the fabrics mentioned have a high resistance to Chlorine it is still very important that the correct care instructions are followed. Please refer to the care instructions listed on this website. Additionally it is recommended to use colors with a fastness to chlorinated (swimming pool) water (100ml/g) value of 3 or higher on the grey scale for color change. Please refer to the color fastness values on the back of each color chart.

Fabrics from our Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and Eurojersey Range are Oeko-Tex certified. The Oeko-Tex label guarantees that the fabric does not contain or release substances that are harmful to human health. They are therefore certified as being suitable for contact with the skin. The requirements and limits to be respected are continuously updated on the basis of the latest medical-scientific discoveries.

It is recommended to carry out a test before a garment is made up in order to check the color combination. Please refer to the colour fastness values on the back of each color card. Special attention needs to be payed to this data as it is not recommended to combine colors when the fastness values of washing, water and sea water are lower than 4-5.

Only Polyester based fabrics are suitable for splicing.

When using Nylon LYCRA® colors and white together it is possible that the color will run into the white. Using a Polyester LYCRA® as the white will prevent colors from permanently staining the white fabric. The reason for this is that Nylon is dyed with acid dyes whilst Polyester is dyed with disperse dyes – two totally different classes of dyes. If color does run into the white it will wash out when laundered.

Yes. We offer screen and digital printing services. For information on minimum order quantities and lead times please contact your customer service representative.

Screen printing involves three parts; the screen as the image carrier, the squeegee and the dye stuff. Usually a very fine woven Polyester fabric is stretched over a frame to create a screen. One screen is required for each color in the design. A negative of each color/shape is placed on each screen and the print area is then washed out so the particular color can pass through the screens making the required design. Dye stuff or pigments are placed in the relative screen and with a squeegee going across each screen forcing the dyes/pigments through the open mesh thus printing the desired design.

Eclipse Textiles offers Screen printing on Nylon or Polyester base cloths. However other base cloths like Silk, Cotton, Viscose etc. are suitable for Screen printing.

Digital printing is computer controlled and operates in a similar way as to an Ink Jet home device. The nozzles in the printing head use the 4 color process in printing the design thus creating an unlimited choice of colors. Fabric has to be prepared so the dyes can be absorbed into the fibre. After the fabric has been “sprayed” with the dyes the fabric then goes through the same processes as screen printing. Digital printing onto fabric is very slow and therefore more expensive than screen printing.

Any type of base cloth can be used for Digital printing.

Sublimation printing is known as paper or transfer printing. The artwork is printed either by screen or digitally onto paper using disperse dye stuff. The printed paper is placed on the fabric. By applying temperature, pressure and a dwell time the design on the paper is transferred onto the fabric.

The temperature, pressure and dwell time has to be adjusted for various fabric bases. Polyester fabrics are the most suitable for Sublimation printing.

Limited offers are being released up to 4 times a year. Limited offers are high quality, speciality fabrics reflecting current industry trends. They are only available whilst stock lasts.

Indent products refer to all fabrics from Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and Eurojersey not stocked in our Brisbane warehouse. Indent products are only available ex Italy and the minimum order quantity is 1 roll.

Yes. Minimum order quantities apply. Those can vary depending on the type of base cloth. For details on special dye batch productions contact your customer service representative.

Unfortunately the greige of any of those fabrics is not available for purchase.

Matt Nylon colors are being reviewed and updated every year, whilst Bright Nylon colors are valid for a 2 year period. The choice and combination of colors on a color card is based on continuous studies of each color card and analysing trends of the moment to forecast future trends.

Malaga stands for Carvico Matt Nylon LYCRA®, 190gsm. Please refer to our color card for colors stocked in our Brisbane warehouse.

Morea stands for Carvico Matt Nylon LYCRA®, 170gsm. This fabric is an indent product and only available ex Italy. The minimum order quantity is 1 roll.

Sumatra stands for Carvico Bright Nylon LYCRA®, 190gsm. Please refer to our color card for colors stocked in our Brisbane warehouse.

Rodi stands for Carvico Bright Nylon LYCRA®, 170gsm. This fabric is an indent product and only available ex Italy. The minimum order quantity is 1 roll.

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