Accepting Deliveries From Eclipse Textiles - Guide Lines


Accepting your delivery is as important as placing your order. Our short guide covers the core points to pay special attention to, when receiving your goods.

  • Check your deliveries BEFORE signing the courier’s delivery docket to make sure you received the amount of items listed on the docket; e.g. 4 of 4 parcels have been handed over to you.
    Missing items can not be traced if the courier company has a signature as proof of delivery (POD) and those undelivered goods will not be claimable against Eclipse Textiles.
  • Be certain you have been supplied with the correct fabric type/quality, colour and quantity prior to cutting. If your fabric is going to a third party agent, like e.g. CMT, printer or embroider, please make them aware of this procedure as well. We are happy to provide samples to your third party, so they have the reference to check against.
    Further information is available in the claims section of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Receiving a delivery with no one in attendance at the drop off point can be arranged via a signed authorisation. To obtain the appropriate form please talk to your customer service representative.
    Disclaimer: No liability will be accepted by Eclipse for goods left without a POD.