Can chlorinated water damage my swimwear fabric?

All types of Elastane will eventually breakdown when exposed to chlorinated water. Therefore using a higher quality of Elastane will prolong the lifespan of your garment. For fashion swimwear it is recommended to use 384 Matt or 544 Bright Nylon LYCRA® as they contain LYCRA® Prime, which is 4 ½ times more Chlorine resistant than normal Elastane. For competition swimwear fabrics containing Xtra life LYCRA® provide a considerable resistance to attacks by active Chlorine.

A Chlorine proof fabric such as Aqualife is suitable for Club swimwear or any garment which is exposed to high levels of Chlorine as there is no LYCRA® content to breakdown.

Although all of the fabrics mentioned have a high resistance to Chlorine it is still very important that the correct care instructions are followed. Please refer to the care instructions listed on this website. Additionally it is recommended to use colors with a fastness to chlorinated (swimming pool) water (100ml/g) value of 3 or higher on the grey scale for color change. Please refer to the color fastness values on the back of each color chart.