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Warp Knit:

Use warp knit fabrics for a more robust garment

Active Fabrics Catalogue 2019

NEW! Active Fabrics E-Catalogue 2019

Where performance, fashion and freedom of movement merge creating a range of high quality advanced stretch fabrics for the Active Sports industry:


Eclipse Textiles are excited to announce that we are now the proud exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Framis Italia, the market leaders in polyurethane heat-bonding applications. Their high quality products can be supplied in your own unique garment design feature, branded logo and/or care instructions that you can apply to your garments:


We can offer you a number of designs from Laser cut to Silicone printed over an array of coloured, reflective and textured films.  Contact us today to find out more


Crystalized, sleek, fashionable and powerful.  The new and innovative yarn structure of Prizma gives you a mesmerizing crystalized surface effect.  Enhanced even further by a Chintz wetlook surface, Prizma takes your garment to the next level by giving you a sleek and crystalized look and feel. Perfect for your next Athfashion range.

The high Elastane content in conjunction with the tight knit structure and extra weight also gives you fantastic coverage and compression features by decreasing muscular vibrations and strain to assist in improved athletic performance:

  • Crystalized
  • Sleek
  • Fashionable
  • Compression
  • Supportive
  • Great coverage
  • Freedom of movement


NEW! Subli-Cool 3D AZTEC

This unique 3D surface effect creates a sporty yet fashionable finish to make your garment truly unique.   Whilst still providing the superior performance properties of the Subli-Cool 2.0 yarn technology, you can not only feel confident, but also look fantastic.  Combine with our Subli-cool 2.0 Black as a feature or use as a statement piece on its own. 

Our 3D surface technology designs will only be available for a limited time only.  Once these designs are sold out, they will be replaced with a new and exciting design picked from our extensive library of fashionable and active inspired patterns.  

  • Fashionable
  • Compression
  • Great fit and comfort
  • Extra strength
  • Quick Drying
  • Custom batches available, to find out more, contact us today ...



Soft, comfortable and odour free. This double sueded Polyester envelops the skin, giving you the feeling of a natural fibre such as Cotton plus the added performance benefits that a Polyester yarn naturally gives. Perfect for printed t-shirts.

Even though the surface effect is slightly brushed, the soft finish still gives a clean and crisp printed effect.  Combined with the natural benefits of a quick drying and durable Polyester, it is also complemented with an Anti-bacterial finish, keeping your garment fresh during and after your workout by inhibiting bacterial growth and eliminating odour.

Sublimation Base

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Cottony Handle
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Quick Drying



Combining the latest print technology, high quality inks and exceptional service, Eclipse Textiles can supply your own custom print.  Simply provide your own design or choose from our extensive library of print artwork that is available for you to use:



Inspired by unfocused dreamy vintage florals, these patterns are a refreshing and softer alternaive to the stronger maximalist prints.  The chalky undertones create a natural water colour effect, portraying the growing demand of bio-based dyes over synthetic brights.


If you have any questions about any of our products or would like to arrange for a range showing, please contact us today so we can arrange a time that suits you.  We can offer to post you your sample selection, or present a personal showing of our range with either one of our representatives depending on your location.  You are also welcome to come in and browse through our fabrics at one of our many Display locations that are Australia wide or based in New Zealand.

To ensure you are first to know about any of our new fabrics, Subscribe to our E-letter notifications or follow us on our Facebook page.

And don't forget, stretch your imagination...

Kind Regards
Eclipse Textiles

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