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Pura Cotton & Bamboo

The Eclipse Textiles product development designers in conjunction with our on the pulse sales team, have officially launched our new PURA ranges based on market trends and customer demand.  Our new PURA-Cotton and PURA-Bamboo fabrics have been designed and developed to cater for the “Athleisure” trend and the consumer who desires to wear a more natural garment. 


Our new PURA Cotton range uses the highest quality natural Combed Cotton yarns. In conjunction with its smooth bio-polished surface that is created by using a unique environmentally friendly biodegradable enzyme, the Eclipse PURA Cotton range is at the forefront of quality, eco-friendly finishes and innovation.


The Cotton yarn used has the added benefits of being combed, which gives our fabric a premium soft quality finish. The additional combing procedure teases away any impurities and short fibers before being spun into thread, resulting in producing a high-quality fabric with excellent strength, softness and minimizes pilling.  Cotton also naturally draws away heat to keep you cool, along with the benefits of moisture absorbency and breathability.

     - Premium quality
     -  Natural product
     -  Breathable
     -  Moisture absorbent


The smooth Bio-polished surface of our PURA Cotton range is created by using a unique environmentally friendly biodegradable enzyme. The enzyme removes any protruding fibers on the fabric surface, significantly reducing pilling even further, softens the fabric and gives a sensational smooth appearance.  As the enzyme is natural and not a chemical finish, it is classed as Eco-friendly and Biodegradable.

    -  Eco-friendly
    -  Biodegradable
    -  Smooth surface
    -  Soft handle

The Eclipse PURA Cotton range stocked in 19 colours will be at the forefront of quality, eco-friendly finishes and innovation. Colours also  including a range of RAD recognized exam colours specifically catering for dancewear.  Contact us today and request a sample.


Our new PURA Bamboo range is made from Bamboo pulp, creating a sustainable yet durable natural fabric that is beautifully soft and pleasant to touch. PURA Bamboo also has many other great natural features such as moisture wicking, breathability, thermo regulating, anti-bacterial and deodorization properties, bringing the Eclipse PURA Bamboo range to the forefront of quality Sustainable and Bio-degradable fabrics. 

     -  Beautifully soft
     -  Pleasant to touch
     -  Envelops the skin


Our Bamboo yarn is derived from this unique plants cellulose pulp, keeping the raw natural properties that make Bamboo so beneficial to wear.  PURA Bamboo is also beautifully soft and has a sensational fashionable drape creating a fabric that is pleasant to the touch and envelops the skin giving the wearer a level of comfort and style.

The Bamboo pulps moisture wicking and thermo regulating properties make it comfortable to wear keeping you cool in summer and  warm in winter.  It also contains natural functions of anti-bacteria and deodorization properties whilst still being resilient, durable, and hyper allergenic for sensitive skin.

    -  Thermo regulating
    -  Antibacterial
    -  Resilient and durable
    -  Naturally moisture wicking
    -  Breathable
    -  Hyper allergenic


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world that can replenish itself within one year.  Very little Bamboo is irrigated making its water use highly efficient and environmentally friendly.  It is naturally prolific and pest resistant which means it does not need fertilizers to boost its growth or pesticides to maintain its quality.  It also absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen from the air than any other timber giving you a much greener option.

    -  Sustainable
    -  Biodegradable
    -  Environmentally friendly

Our PURA Bamboo range is stocked in 18 fashionable colours and caters for the fashion forward and intimate apparel customer due to its sensational handle, fashionable drape and natural properties.  The Eclipse Textiles PURA Bamboo fabric will be a step above the rest in terms of quality and on-trend colours. 

If you would like to request a sample, please contact us our customer service team and they will arrange one for you.

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And don't forget, stretch your imagination...

Kind Regards
Eclipse Textiles

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