Due to evolving textile printing technology, Eclipse Textiles has now become the leaders in LYCRA® with a digital print stock service which is very exciting!

We have created a high-end swimwear print range for our customers, not only covering the trends for spring summer 2013 following on from our recent Carvico colour forecast blog post, but also creating a convenient stock service range with workable minimums.  This gives our customers a chance to access the high-end quality base cloths and print designs which are usually available only as a custom design service with high minimums.

-  Fashionable designs
-  Story boards with trend inspiration
-  Fine gauge light weight circular knit base cloth
-  Key fashion colours to match

You have probably noticed there is a strong trend this season towards light weight, fine gauge, circular knit fabrics.  Therefore our Italian supplier, Jersey Lomellina product Creta and Wonder ranges are the perfect base cloths for this range.

Below is a preview of the designs and inspiration boards which are exclusive to Eclipse Textiles.


Bohemian discord is the essence of this look with

wild abandon and primal instincts prowling the

beaches.  High octane and spirited these designs are

not for the faint hearted.  Unabashed brights blur

into muted beige, blending while clashing in a visual



Porcelain pure and denim cool, this laid back

Mediterranean look is destined to be disarmingly

charming.  New age sirens emanate calm confidence

and allure with this pretty but sophisticated

interpretation of lacey seas.


Deliciously sweet and intrinsically sexy, this refined

line is perfect for exclusive island retreats.  Fresh

combinations of subtle brights creates a new

strength and twist to tropical traditions.  Deceptively

fragile this look delivers a powerfully feminine



Chromed contrasts and serpentine slickness define

this new species of chic.  Clean lines and sensual

suggestions dominate the shores and infinity pools of

the rich and famous.  Inspired by timeless

monochrome and transformed into a daringly sexy

but aloof vibe.

The print base Creta is an extremely light, very fine elasticized jersey fabric that is breathable, fresh, soft and quick-drying, it ensures the perfect fit.

Key fashion solid colours displayed on the fabric swatch boards match back to the Wonder base cloth.  It is soft, light, compact and ultra flat.  Wonder has been designed to combine lightness and breathability, but is also high quality and has style.

The prints are stock service, but we are also making our Jersey Lomellina Wonder base cloth available to our customers by dropping the airfreight cost as a package deal when you purchase the Creta digital prints.  They are available on a 1 roll (approx 70mtr) minimum and will take 10-12 days to arrive especially from Italy.

To view high quality images and additional product information, check out our Creta Prints webpage today.  You are also welcome to Contact us for more information and a sample request.

They are beautiful prints, I hope you enjoy working with them as much as we did creating them.

What are your thoughts on the trend towards digital printing and light weight fine gauge circular knit fabrics for swimwear?  We would love to hear your comments on the subject.

Until the next post,

And don't forget ...stretch your imagination...