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Leading the way in sustainable textiles, the Eclipse Textiles VITA ECONYL® NYLON LYCRA® range by CARVICO participates in the ‘Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’ initiative.  Alongside the introduction of 'One Planet One Future', this new seasons colours are inspired by the art project conceived and created through the photographer Anne de Carbuccia which aims at documenting the damages caused by man to the environment.   

ECONYL® HEALTHY SEAS:  A Journey From Waste to Wear

The ‘Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’ initiative was established with the aim to remove waste, in particular fishing nets, from the seas for the purpose of creating healthier seas and recycling marine litter into textile products. The recovered fishing nets are transformed and regenerated together with other Nylon waste by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn, a high-quality raw material used to create new products. 


ONE PLANET - ONE FUTURE:  Seasonal Palette Colour Inspiration

Inspiring the CARVICO colour palette for the season, the 'One Planet One Future' is an art project conceived and created by photographer Anne de Carbuccia which aims at documenting the damages caused by man to the environment. It uses the universal language of art to draw people’s attention to the crisis we are living, and to encourage us to behave differently to prevent further environmental disasters. For each picture, Anne has created a Time Shrine, containing specific symbolic artefacts: Vanitas, a sixteenth century theme; the skull, standing for life frailty; the Hourglass, to remind us of the fact that time flies and that our hourglass is about to run out of sand; and finally some organic elements and objects chosen for their symbolic meaning. The image of the shrine in these pictures is a way to pay homage to what surrounds it and is meant to invite us to think about who we are and what we want for our future.

Make the switch today and join the environmentally conscious movement by using our Advanced Regenerated VITA ECONYL® NYLON LYCRA® fabric range.  Our stock line boasts 64 on trend stock colours for you to choose from. All colours and sampling are available now!  Contact us today and we will pop one in the post for you.

ADVANCED RECYCLED VITA POLYESTER LYCRA® - Free Print Library with our Sublimation Print Service

Combining the latest print technology, high quality inks and exceptional service, Eclipse Textiles can supply your own custom print this swimwear season.  Simply provide your own design or choose from our extensive library of print artwork that is FREE for you to use along with our print service.

Sun-drenched Bouquet:

A range of feminine florals from ditsy to dreamy in a sun-drenched palette that is anchored by muted earthy tones. Inspired by authentic soft vintage floral patterns, yet modernized by creating a dreamy unfocused undertone of textures and effects.

Fruit Bowl Punch:

A medley of fruits and energetic florals gives this print range a fun and energetic feel.   Highlighted by a zesty colour palette and anchored by pastels with a punch, these hand painted motifs and effects create a fresh playful summer holiday vibe.

Eco Fusion:

Inspired by the fusion of science and nature, these prints portray natural bio based eco dye effects enhanced by watercoloured tones.  Paired with microbial cellular skin textures and patterns, this story guides us as we enter a new realm of Eco friendly fabric finishing technology. 

Upbeat Maximalism:

Maximalism breaks through with an upbeat vibe turning towards inspiration from traditional African vibrant patterns with expressive subculture references.  Complemented by offbeat tropical motifs in bold colour combinations, this story works best the more mix matched and rich they are.

Advanced Recycled Vita Power is a brand new heavy weight version of our standard Advanced Recycled Vita quality. Created specifically with a heavier weight in mind, this extra feature gives you support and fabric coverage in areas that need it most. A great fabric choice for Active sports or Swimwear garments that are designed to shape, support and enhance the silhouette. Made from the same Econyl® recycled Nylon fibre, this component puts this basecloth at the forefront of a sustainable and high performance fabric choice. 
  • Sustainable
  • Supportive
  • Contouring
  • Stocked in black with colours now available by the roll:

Recycled Embrace Liner has been developed using recycled Polyester yarn extruded from PET bottles.  Even though the yarn is recycled, it still has the performance benefits of your standard Polyester which is quick drying and hard wearing along with the added benefits of contributing to saving our environment.   
  • Sustainable
  • Comfortable and Soft
  • Perfect to use with VITA range for an entire recycled fabric garment
  • Available in Black, White and Skintone

If you have any questions about any of our products or would like to arrange for a range showing, please contact us today so we can arrange a time that suits you.  We can offer to post you your sample selection, or present a personal showing of our range with either one of our representatives depending on your location.  You are also welcome to come in and browse through our fabrics at one of our many Display locations that are Australia wide or based in New Zealand.

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