Eclipse Textiles have just launched another Digital Print range, available on our high performance chlorine proof basecloth, Aqualife, creating a convenient stock service range with workable minimums.

This range was designed specifically with performance swimwear in mind, providing the ultimate chlorine resistance without compromising on elasticity and wearability.  The prints are all also rated UPF 50+ which is a great benefit for the serious swimmer.

-  Performance swimwear designs
-  Story boards with trend inspiration
-  Key sports colours to match
-  Rated UPF 50+
-  Digital printing technology
-  Chlorine proof

Below is a preview of the designs and inspiration boards which are exclusive to Eclipse Textiles.


Mirroring the Olympians, these athletes are racing to

become the next team elite.  Inspired by the drive

for perfection and geometric expressions

mimicking nature, we enter a refined era of athletic



Inspired by the ever transforming and escalating

strength and focus of young athletes, this line

echoes mythical creatures with the vibe of hybrid

watery depths.  Fun, hip and slightly dangerous,

these suits express cool without restriction. 

Harness the power of the water and imagination

to maximize the training experience.


Elite athletes strive for precious metal through

strength and dedication combined with prowess and

focus resulting in athletic alchemy.  This line defines

the alpha edge with mercurial designs that enhance

speed and compliment physical dexterity.



Expression Multi

Expression Surf

Prowless Multi

Prowless Mandarin

Alpha Marigold

Alpha Tropical Punch

Reflective Majestic

Reflective Speed

Hybrid Buttercup

Hybrid Neon Fiesta

Echoe Indigo Moon

Echoe Black

Elite Black

Elite Multi

Mythical Fiji

Mythical Happiness




























To view high quality images and additional product information, check out our Aqualife Digital Prints on our webpage today.  You are also welcome to Contact us for more information and a sample request.

We have also updated our Aqualife plain stock colour range this year, boasting 38 colours which match back to our new digital print range for your convenience.

What are your thoughts on our new range?  Do you think digital printing is the way to go for performance swimwear?

Until the next post,

And don't forget ...stretch your imagination...