Are you working on your end of year concerts or your new year dancewear range and are stuck for inspiration?   One of our new unique Limited Offer Digital Dance Print designs might just be that unique piece you are looking for.

Combining the latest direct digital print technology with creativity, all of our in-house custom designs have been produced on a high quality base, giving you a longer lasting garment, and your customer’s value for money.

To give them that extra Eclipse sparkle that we are well known for, each print is sprinkled with one of our high quality Hologram and Foil finishes to create that magical fluid movement when worn under stage lights.

Don’t forget! These designs will be available for a limited time only!  

Confetti Frenzy:

Inspired by a colourful confetti explosion, this frenzy of colours is perfect for that costume that needs to pop!  

A striking combination of complimentary colours creating a vibrant look that stands out from the rest.

Sprinkled with a multi coloured foil, the print is bought to life by a shimmering rainbow effect under the stage lights.

Stock line fabrics that match:

Dual Activator Colours:
- Sapphire on Navy
- Strawberry on Red
- Gold on Old Gold

Bright Nylon LYCRA Colours:
-  3251 Hippie
-  60201 Aria
-  1030 Canary
-  4243 Shanghai
-  7863 Jade


Volcanic Metal:

Fluid and fiery, the depths of magma mixed with molten metal are fundamentals of this print.

Ready to rupture your next contemporary dance performance, create an explosion on stage with the hints of holographic shattered glass gold reflecting from the surface as they ooze from the volcanic depths of the underground.

Stock line fabrics that match:

Dance Luxe Eyelet:
- Gunmetal on Black
- Gold on Old Gold

-  Black

Bright Nylon LYCRA Colours:
-  4073 Venetian Red
-  0241 Lurex
-  2167 Mambo


A contemporary synergy of planets intertwining between hidden galaxies.

This unique print creates a boundless three dimensional system of planets, gas, dust and dark matter, giving you an intergalactic experience enhanced by your own choreographed dance moves.

Topped with a galactic swirl of iridescent  silver, this print has a gravitational pull of its own.

Stock line fabrics that match:

Dual Activator Colours:
-  Mermaid on Green
-  Amethyst on Purple

Iridescent Digital:
-  Platinum on Silver

Bright Nylon LYCRA Colours:
-  60081 Tenerife
-  7159 Madagascar
-  5716 Purple
-  5269 Pansy
-  6266 Aqua Marine

New Bright Nylon LYCRA Stock line Colour Card out now!

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Dance Fabrics Catalogue 17:

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