New Limited Offer Dancewear Fabrics Out Now!

Our New Limited Offer fabric range combines unique colour combinations with creative high quality specialty finishes for an outstanding dance costume that will stand out from the rest.

Due to our ever changing selection of designs, none of these fabrics will stay as a stocked item as once they are sold out they will not be re-ordered.  This gives our customers a fantastic range of new and fresh designs to work with all year round.

Festive Fenzy - Sorbet:

The ultimate festive tye dyed base with a fun and funky colour combination, topped with a Sorbet Rainbow Foil in a unique pattern that adds movement and life to the stage. The funky colour combination matches back to a selection of colours that we stock in our Bright Nylon LYCRA® range for your convenience.

  Bright Xtra Life LYCRA® 

Laser Light - Midnight:

Boasting a combination of neon colours, holographic shine and precise lines, this bold pattern and coloured holographic effect creates a show of its own.  Overlayed on top of our traditional Dual Activator Black on Black base, the double film application gives you a solid high quality base to work with that conveniently matches back to our Dual Activator Black on Black stock line fabric.

 Dual Activator Black on Black

Jungle Jive - Neon Green:

Bring your Jungle theme to life by injecting a shot of Neon Green with a bold Chopskin Animal effect in Black.   The additional Gold Dual Activator small dot in the background gives you that extra shimmer and shine, creating a visual 3D effect due to the use of a two tone colour combination.  Match it back to our Wetlook Black to frame and highlight the design and enhance the strong presence that it already gives.

  Wetlook Black

Fairy Dust - Forest:

Looking for a Contemporary piece to complement your performance?  Our Fairy Dust Forest is inspired by mother earth tones of rich colours found in the depths of the forest.  Sprinkled with a Gold fairy dust in your traditional Shattered Glass hologram, this extra finish brings that forest magic to life creating a sun drenched twinkling effect under the stage lights.  The hand selected colour combination matches back to a number of colours in our Bright Nylon LYCRA® range to complete your costume.

  Bright Xtra Life LYCRA® 

Custom Batches:

Would you like to create your own unique design?  A custom Limited Offer design service is also available.  Minimums apply.  Contact us today to inquire.

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If you have any questions about any of our products or would like to arrange for a range showing, please contact us today so we can arrange a time that suits you.  We can offer to post you your sample selection or present a personal showing of our range with either one of our representatives depending on your location.  You are also welcome to come in and browse through our fabrics at one of our many Display locations that are Australia wide or based in New Zealand.

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And don't forget, stretch your imagination...

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