Welcome to the launch of our May Limited Offer release.  I can't believe our second release is already happening!  Plus... a bit of an insider tip... our third release is already in production and our fourth is already developed!  I must say, they are awesome designs this year so far.

Eclipse Textiles is not only releasing more Limited Offers due to popular demand, giving our customers a variety of new designs to work with all year round, but we also have a new reduced pricing structure.

Contact our team team today to find out what our new REDUCED Pricing structure is! 

We have another five colourful and fun designs in this new range.  it is a nice mix of funky designs, something for the little ones, and a great design for gymnastics.  Plus we threw in a couple of traditional pieces incorporating the well known Eclipse modern twist.

All designs are on our respected high quality base cloth, giving you a costume that will last all the way through to your magnificent performance, and some great memories when you look back into your costume wardrobe.

Check out the new designs in action below along with some recommended stock designs to mix and match with:

Here are a few nice high quality images along with handy links to take you to the fabrics they match back to:

Rhythmic Ribbon - Navy

Matching Fabrics:
Dual Activator Sapphire on Navy
Shattered Glass Silver on White

Holographic Splash - Jade / Magenta

Matching Fabrics:
Shattered Glass Teal on Teal
Dual Activator Pink on Hot Pink

Aurora - Sorbet

Matching Fabrics:
Dual Activator Pink on Shocking Pink
Dual Activator Turquoise on Electric
Dual Activator Amethyst on Purple
Shattered Glass Silver on White

Tarzan - Neon Green

Matching Fabrics:
Dual Activator Black on Black
Bright Nylon LYCRA® Neon Green

Dual Activator - Candy Stripe

Matching Fabrics:
Dual Activator Platinum on Silver
Dual Activator Pink on Hot Pink
































If you would like to see fabric specifications and larger images, click on the thumbnails on our Limited Offer page. Make sure you check out our entire range, as we still have stock of other designs. There's not much left though so you will need to secure your orders fast.

Do you think it is great that we are releasing more Limited Offers?  We would love to hear your feedback. 

Until the next post,

And don't forget ...stretch your imagination...