I would like to introduce you to our newest family member, Lanova Meryl® Microfibre LYCRA®...

Lanova is a delicately soft fabric, which gently caresses and envelopes your body like a second skin.  By using the world wide recognized high quality  Meryl® Microfibre Nylon yarn, Lanova will reveal to you the sheer pleasure of the microfibre experience.

The softness of microfibre, combined with its excellent absorption capacity, helps to maintain a balanced comfort level, giving the wearer a sensational experience.  With the added benefits of Invista’s LYCRA® yarn, Lanova Meryl® Microfibre holds its shape and stretch retention which, as we all know, is an essential requirement for the garment industry.

-  Outstanding Comfort
-  Extreme Lightness
-  Delicately soft
-  Easy care
-  Fast Drying

Lanova Meryl® Microfibre can be used across multiple markets due to its supreme quality and sensational performance.  All you need to do is select from one of our gorgeous stock colours and team it with an amazing design.  Your customers will fall in love with the fabric, just like we have!

Lanova colours and performance features in action:

As mentioned in the video, our design team has developed the Lanova Meryl® Microfibre quality to ensure it is usable across all markets.  As you can see, this is also supported by the chosen stock colour palette to give all areas key colours in seasonal demand to work with.  So if you are designing any range which requires the unique characteristics Lanova Meryl® Microfibre offers, then this is the fabric to use.

Make sure you Contact us today to request your complimentary colour card.  There is an array of stock colours to choose from to suit any application.

Have fun designing!

Until the next post,

And don't forget ...stretch your imagination...