As promised below you will find the release of our third Limited Offer range this year already!  I can't believe how quick our ranges are selling out?  It must be our wonderful bright fun unique designs, or possibly our new reduced pricing structure :>

This range we have released 5 designs.  You may recognize a few old favorites that we have re-vamped, including the popular Bubblelustre now available in Rosa Confetto and Seychelles, and our well known Glitter Waves in a gorgeous Royal colourway.  Also thrown into the mix are a few great themed designs to give you some fun inspiration to work with. All designs are on our respected high quality base cloth.

Check out the new designs in action below along with high quality images and selected stock fabrics they match back to for your convenience:


Shere Khan - Orange

Dual Activator Green on Emerald
Dual Activator Venetian Red on Red
Dual Activator Orange on Starlette
Dual Activator Gold on Old Gold


Bubblelustre - Rosa Confetto

Velvet Fruit Tingle Range


Bubblelustre - Seychelles

Velvet Fruit Tingle Range


Icelantic - Blue / Silver

Dual Activator Sapphire on Navy
Dual Activator Platinum on Silver
Dual Activator Black on Black


Glitter Waves - Royal

Solid Velvet Royal
Solid Velvet Tuxedo

Stock has already arrived so Contact us today before the new designs sell out, or for your free sample.

Have fun designing!

Until the next post,

And don't forget ...stretch your imagination...