Eclipse Textiles are excited to announce that we are now stocking a hand selected few of the most popular fabrics from the world renowned Eurojersey Sensitive fabric range.   These key fabrics will be conveniently stocked in black to ensure our entire customer base can benefit from the superior and unique quality the Sensitive fabric range offers.


Sensitive fabric is the brand leader in the warp knit fabric sector.  Originating from a patent developed by Eurojersey itself, it is recognized throughout the world as being synonymous with the quality and excellence of "Made in Italy".

The unique honeycomb weave and combination of polyamide microfiber and LYCRA®, forms a fabric which offers extraordinary performance which is ideal for numerous applications in the swimwear, active sports, fashion, intimate apparel and dance wear sectors.  As you are aware, these are all of the markets Eclipse Textiles specialize in, therefore stocking a selection of key fabrics only compliments our already extensive high quality European stock ranges.






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The first to be created and original Sensitive fabric, its perfect mix of microfiber with 28% Lycra fibre guarantees the best aesthetic and functional characteristics.   Discover all of the incomparable performance features the sensitive classic fabric entails which includes extra comfort, body moisture wicking, quick drying, sun blocking, extra fine, chlorine resistance, no pilling, easy care and wrinkle free.

Code:  BFAQ 036 Black
Composition:  72% Microfiber Nylon 28% LYCRA®
Weight:  164gsm +/-6%
Width:  140cm +/-2%


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A superior colourfast Sensitive fabric giving you peace of mind when using black for performance garments that require colourfastness values to be the best technologically available.  The special superfast process ensures maximum colour resistance, even during the washing phase, and does away with the problems of colours running into damp items left in contact with each other in unsuitable conditions, such as those left in sports bags after changing.

Code:  BFFQ 037 Black
Composition:  72% Microfibre Nylon 28% LYCRA®
Weight:  168gsm +/-6%
Width:  140cm +/-2%


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Created using a special technique which unites two strands of Sensitive Classic fabric melding them together, they are perfect for heavier or more constructed garments.  The Bonded version is also useful for the manufacture of shoulder straps and reinforcements.

Code:  BFT5 036 Black
Composition:  72% Microfiber Nylon 28% LYCRA®
Weight:  340gsm +/-6%
Width:  135cm +/-3%


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Mesmerizing style for optimum control of the silhouette.  Assuring extra performances, comfort and flawless wear ability.  Figures become refined and slender, because it reshapes and models lines and profiles, Sensitive FIT is efficacious and highly versatile, ideal to enhance every form and feature.

Code:  NNAQ 036 Black
Composition:  68% Microfiber Nylon 32% LYCRA®
Weight:  213gsm +/-6%
Width:  150cm +/-2%


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The Sensitive fabric system is unequalled for the versatility with which is it possible to create extremely high-performing garments for water sports as well as complete ranges of coordinating beachwear, from swimming costumes to accessories.

The most technologically advanced solution for swimming costumes for all purposes which guarantees maximum resistance to chlorine protection from UV rays and which dries quickly.


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The extraordinary qualities of Sensitive fabrics offer numerous advantages much appreciated by those who play sport at competitive level or for leisure.

Performance Features:
-  Ensuring perfect breath ability and greater coolness
-  Offering excellent wear ability and perfect retention of shape
-  Drying twice as quickly
-  Guaranteeing a high UV protection (SPF 50+)


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With a perfect balance between elegance and functionality Sensitive is the only warp-knit fabric with which is possible to create an entire wardrobe.  The surface is smooth and uniform, soft and cool to the touch; the colours are bright and intense with a perfect performance both in terms of the different shades and nuances and in the printing which is carried out using avant-garde techniques.

Garments created with Sensitive have an unmistakeable appeal and a practicality which makes them perfect for all seasons.


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Extremely light, ultra-flat and soft to the touch, Sensitive is the most suitable fabric for creating any type of undergarment.  Available in three versions:  matt, shiny and silky, its aesthetic and technological qualities make it unparalleled for the comfort and pleasure of the wearer. 

Sensitive has all the characteristics of a second skin which protects and clothes the body giving elegance and practicality to its movements.



Super Comfortable All garments created with Sensitive fabrics are more comfortable and pleasant to wear.
Extraordinarily soft to the touch Sensitive allows you to create garments that fit like a second skin
Perfectly Uniform The smooth, homogenous surface gives a particular brightness the fabric and brilliance to the colours.
Ultra fine and extremely light The much reduced thickness of Sensitive allows for the creation of garments that guarantee exceptional wear ability and elegance without losing elasticity or shape.
Breathable The open knit of the fabric ensures breath ability and therefore is better for the body
Absolutely easy care Sensitive has characteristics which make it very practical and resistant to washing, keeping its colour and shape intact.














Sensitive is a coordinated system of versatile, high-performing fabrics, which thanks to its patented knit structure, gives you characteristics which add value to garments by raising their performance and aesthetic qualities.

To preview the entire range of the Eurojersey Sensitive fabric family, including indent colours that are available and more information, contact us today for a range viewing or to request a sample.

Eurojersey Sensitive fabrics, giving you creativity, without limits.

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