Based in Brisbane Australia, Eclipse Textiles is the leader in wholesale stretch fabrics with LYCRA® and Spandex fiber catering specifically for the Swimwear, Active Sports, Fashion, Dancewear and Intimate Apparel markets.

We are a textile wholesale company well known in the trade for:     
    -  High quality stretch LYCRA® fabrics
   -   Market leaders in product diversity and innovation
   -   Extensive stocked product ranges
   -   Exceptional customer service

Established in 1987, Eclipse Textiles imports Italian premium quality LYCRA® fabrics, as well as many other products from countries including Brazil, Korea and China for distribution within our markets.

We are a well known and respected brand that is recognized on a global scale.
















We are the proud distributers of 3 of the worlds largest European fabric manufactures:

Today, Carvico is considered the global leader in the
manufacturing of warp-knitted stretch fabrics.

Strengthened by over 50 years of experience in the textile
industry, Carvico has, throughout its history, gradually
consolidated and expanded its global reputation in the
warp-knitted fabric sector.

Carvico stands out from the crowd for its active commitment
to technological innovation processes, continually engaged in
the research and application of avant-garde solutions that
bring products of excellence and quality to the market and
produce a level of customer service that is at the apex of the



Innovative technology, quality without compromise and research into style: these are the key words that for over 30 years have been the hallmark of the identity and success of Jersey Lomellina SpA, international leaders in the circular knit fabrics industry.

Great attention is paid to every detail at all stages of the production process where meticulous checks and selective tests are carried out to ensure that the fabrics offered by the company are of the highest quality.

Eurojersey is well known at an international level for the high-performing characteristics of its Sensitive fabrics.

Their Sensitive fabrics combine the unique qualities of inventiveness and Italian style.  The manufacturing methods, developed and patented by Eurojersey itself, allow for the creation of high quality fabrics using innovative techniques which enhance the creativity and design.


Our high quality products are used across a variety of markets, some designed specifically, and some that can be used across all areas.

-  Fashion            - Triathlon
-  Performance     -  Kids

Active sports:
-  Gym wear        -  Sportswear
-  Yoga wear        -  Compression

-  Ballet               -  Theatrical
-  Costume          -  Ballroom

Intimate Apparel:
-  Underwear       -  Fantasy
-  Corsetry          -  Specialty

-  Mainstream      -  High end
-  Ready to wear  -  Evening



Our European suppliers commitment to customers is proved by the meticulous checks that accompany each stage of the manufacturing process: every single aspect of the production process, from raw materials (fibres, yarns, and dyes) to finished fabrics, is rigorously inspected by highly-qualified staff using cutting-edge assessment tools.

Continuous and significant investment in this field means that all fabrics produced comply with strict production specifications, enabling the group to guarantee that only top quality reaches the market.

Amongst the testing procedures applied, some procedures that verify certain physical characteristics of the fabric deserve special mention, such as: dimensional stability to washing and exposure to steam, colour fastness, abrasion and pilling resistance, the elongation of the dynamometer, and resistance to chlorine, sand, and UV rays.

Eclipse also have an internal testing team checking fabric weight, colour continuity and stretch and recovery to name a few on all of our imported stock products.


Our product development team continuously monitors industry developments in the international market to provide our customers with the latest textile and yarn trends, innovative print designs and seasonal colour schemes.

Eclipse ensure key staff are on the ground at the most prestigious tradefairs, either researching new product trends, or displaying our quality products alongside our European Alliances.

Our design team also offers a personalized service for our customers arranging individual print styles and colour requests, custom dye batches as well as multiple print programs including digital and screen.

Due to our on the pulse research, we have an extensive sourcing library for customer specific batch requests, working hand in hand with key suppliers creating long standing relationships.






Carvico and Jersey Lomellina Group is one step ahead in terms of environmental awareness through respect of the environment:
-  Compliance with regulations in force.
-  Prevention and reduction of pollution.
-  Protection and preservation of green spaces (owned or otherwise).
-  The creation of awareness amongst staff on the correctVenvironmental approach.

With the Eurojersey SensitveEcoSystem® program, they aim to involve their clients, suppliers and consumers in a project which valorizes Sensitive® fabrics with responsibility towards nature and the environment:
-  The entire Eurojersey plant operates exclusively using electricity from solar, wind or water-based sources.
-  Every hour 7,000 litres of water is collected into a storage tank and reused in the manufacturing and plant heating process.
-  Reduced consumption of methane gas by 9.5% resulting to
saving the release of 1,000T of CO2 into the atmosphere in 8 years.
-  They have recycling systems resulting in saving 5 tonnes of paper and cardboard packaging over just a few years.
  -  Supports the World Land Trust project for rainforest conservation through initiative that also involves everyone who buys their product.


Eclipse is proud to have a customer ownership program in place, where each customer is allocated their own dedicated customer service rep to assist them in all aspects of ordering, product information, freight enquiries and additional information they may require.

Dealing with the same people on a daily or weekly basis has help us build strong relationships and understand what it is our customers do and how we can best assist each of them individually.  We have many longstading customers who prefer to deal with our team due to the personalized service we offer.

Our customers are always kept up to date through our internal coding programme which allows them to be automatically sent any new samples or important email notifications relevant to their market.  Keeping our customers in touch with the industry is something we pride in.

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