Our April limited offer range release will give our loyal customers a few different themes to work with this time round.  We always try to cater for all age groups, giving you a high quality fabric to choose from other than our stock standard designs.

We have something colourful and soft for the little ones, a crazy colourful splatter effect for a more edgy performance, a traditional animal with a sleek midnight jungle feel, along with a sophisticated classic piece, and even something for the boys!

Our design team very rarely picks a design off the shelf from our suppliers.  We always tweak them or start from scratch, creating a selection of unique designs for you to choose from.  We carefully prepare a variety of designs to cater for girls, boys and young kids, always matching the colours back to our popular Bright Nylon LYCRA® stock colour range and/or a selection of our popular dance fabrics.

Check them out in action in the below video clip!

Here are a few nice high quality images along with handy links to take you to the fabrics they match back to:

Fractal Kaleidoscope

Matching Fabrics:
Bright Nylon LYCRA®
-  Shocking Pink
-  Gypsy
-  Purple
-  Canary
-  Electric Blue
-  Neon Green

Rainbow Splatter - Neon Green

Matching Fabrics:
Bright Nylon LYCRA®
-  Neon Green
Dual Activator
-  Orange on Starlette
-  Red on Venetian Red
-  Pink on Hot Pink
-  Sapphire on Navy
-  Green on Emerald

Rainbow Serpent - Black

Wetlook - Black
Dual Activator - Cherry on Caramella




Tear Drop - Navy

Wetlook - Black
Bright Nylon LYCRA® - Navy
Dual Activator - Sapphire on Navy
Stretch Lace - Black



Lava - Black / Red

Liquid Foil - Silver
Wetlook - Black
Bright Nylon LYCRA®
-  Venetian Red
-  China Doll
-  Charcoal
-  Black

If you would like to see larger images, click on the thumbnails on our Limited Offer page where you can also find more details including fabric specifications.

Don't forget, you can even pop a suggestion in our suggestion box if you would like to see anything in particular in our Limited Offer ranges.  Your feedback would be appreciated.

Have fun designing!

Until the next post,

And don’t forget …stretch your imagination…