Through combining the traditional feel of cotton with modern fiber technology, the world renowned brand SUPPLEX® has taken on a new dimension in yarn design and innovation.

We understand that brands face a crucial need to stand out from their competitors, so we are offering our loyal customers a point of difference in our new stock range.  These two new developments, some great new neon colours in our plain SUPPLEX® range, and the new LYCRA® BLACK in our black colours across all qualities, are based on key performance fabric trends that are coming through this season for Active Sportswear.

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Giving SUPPLEX® A New Dimension

Brightly coloured space-dyed yarns add a point of difference to sports fabrics.  Rainbow colours are key on white grounds, along with monotone brights complimented with neon touches.  Space dyed yarns and melanges create interesting blurry visuals with flecked effects.  In combination with the new neon’s the new fabric and styling create a delicate boldness.

New Space Dyed SUPPLEX® LYCRA® Range
High quality SUPPLEX® LYCRA® is now stocked in a rainbow of space dyed effects. The fabric entails a superior natural Cotton handle due to the use of jet air textured Nylon yarn. Features like its breath ability and fast drying features, makes our space dyed SUPPLEX® range the ideal choice to make your garment stand out from the rest.
New Heavy Weight Dimensional SUPPLEX® LYCRA® Range
High quality SUPPLEX® LYCRA® stocked in a 3 dimensional desaturated tonal pallet. Features like its high LYCRA® content and extra weight, creates a superior and supportive yet fashionable fabric choice.  Perfect for areas that need additional support, breath ability, fast drying and excellent shape and retention.
New SUPPLEX® LYCRA® Neon Colour Range
An intense neon range of our high quality SUPPLEX® LYCRA® stocked in solid colours. The traditional SUPPLEX® features makes SUPPLEX® the ideal choice for an active sportswear or lifestyle garment.

The Eclipse Textiles Complete SUPPLEX® LYCRA® Stock Range

Matching Heavy Weight, French Terry and Plush are also available.

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A Bit More About Branded INVISTA SUPPLEX®:

INVISTA's SUPPLEX® yarn offers consumers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Cotton’s natural texture and aesthetics make it the fabric of choice in many garment categories.

Garments made with cotton tend to crease and shrink easily, and they often fade in color. But INVISTA scientists wanted to give consumers the benefits of cotton, without the pitfalls.

They did so by developing the SUPPLEX® yarn, which combines the traditional appeal of cotton with the performance benefits of modern fiber technology.

SUPPLEX® fabrics are:

//  Fully breathable
//  Able to hold their shape
//  Faster drying than cotton
//  Color fast

Why We Love Branded INVISTA LYCRA®:

Combined with INVISTA’S LYCRA® fiber, our SUPPLEX® range has a beautiful bouncy stretch with an exceptional recovery, but more importantly the garments keep their shape. Designers around the world are using LYCRA® fiber, allowing people to wear stylish garments that last. Today, consumers look for fashion & stylish apparel, but they also expect comfort and durability. Garments made with LYCRA® fiber are comfortable, durable and keep their fit.

LYCRA® fabrics are:

//  Comfortable
//  Durable
//  Great stretch with shape retention
//  Exceptional quality


The New True Black Branded INVISTA BLACK LYCRA®:

LYCRA® BLACK fiber has been developed in response to the need for more "natural" looking dark fabrics. Today, brands and retailers are looking for deeper, darker shades that can retain their color intensity. LYCRA® Black fiber stays black, even after repeated wash cycles, thanks to its spun-dyed technology. It also reduces the "grin through shiny effect" in dark fabric shades; a phenomenon which often jeopardises the evenness and intensity of color.

LYCRA® BLACK fabrics are:

//  Comfortable
//  Durable
//  Great stretch with shape retention
//  Reduced grin through shiny effect

Contact us today to request your complimentary colour card, or have a chat to one of our friendly customer service team members about our custom batch service.  We can give you the flexibility to dye your own unique colours, or even select your own Space Dyed colour range from the additional Space Dyed SUPPLEX® yarns we have available to us.

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