The Leading Fabric Wholesalers of LYCRA® and Spandex

Eclipse Textiles, based in Australia, is the leading national and international wholesale supplier of fabrics knitted with LYCRA® fiber and Spandex, used for Swimwear, Active Sports, Fashion, Dancewear, and Intimate Apparel markets. We are the proud distributers for Carvico and Jersey Lomellina LYCRA® products.



Based in Brisbane Australia, Eclipse Textiles is the leader in wholesale stretch fabrics with LYCRA® and Spandex fiber catering specifically for the Swimwear, Active Sports, Fashion, Dancewear and Intimate Apparel markets.

We are a textile wholesale company well known in the trade for:    

-   High quality stretch LYCRA® fabrics
-   Market leaders in product diversity and innovation
-   Extensive stocked product ranges
-   Exceptional customer service

Established in 1987, Eclipse Textiles imports Italian premium quality LYCRA® fabrics, as well as many other products from countries including Brazil, Korea and China for distribution within our markets.

Acquired by Charles Parsons in 2014, Eclipse is now part of the family that has been at the forefront of the Australian Textiles Industry for 100 Years. Charles Parsons are a family owned business with unique values. We both believe in developing Trusted Innovative Partnerships that are tailored to the needs of our suppliers and customers. These values are as unique today as they were 100 Years ago when their business was first established in 1915.

Our high quality products are used across a variety of markets, some designed specifically, and some that can be used across all areas.

-   Swimwear
-   Activewear
-   Fashion
-   Dancewear
-   Intimate Apparel